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Theft of fuel!



North Wales Police have had a report of the theft of fuel from the Manor Industrial Estate between Flint and Bagillt. 

We are encouraging all local businesses to consider the following security advice to reduce the chances of becoming victim of a similar incident. 


-Consider purchasing CCTV for the location which cover areas where valuables/fuel supplies are being stored. 

-Consider purchasing security lighting for the location. 

-If it is a gated compound, consider improving the standards of locks/padlocks at entry points to the yard/compound/site. 

-If possible, keep fuel in a secure location which again is “out of site” from the road side. 


If you would like any further information about site security, feel free to contact me on Community Alert or email - owen.prentice@northwales.police.uk 


Many thanks, 


Owen - C3987 

“We Dont Buy Crime”

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