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Cold Callers

Please keep yourselves safe by never allowing cold callers into your home.

TV faults, faulty broadband, water / gas / electricity board and "reformed criminal on probation" are all popular methods criminals use to target householders by deceiving them in order to get into their home and then once inside distracting them by whatever means;  "can I have a cuppa / glass of water" "can you turn the water on while I check your pipes" "can you stay by your TV whilst I check the cables" very often they work in pairs so one person will engage you whilst the other wanders around your home helping themselves.

Please don't be a victim keep yourself and your neighbours safe - don't allow people in, if answering the front door - lock your back door.

Check all "official" visitors are legitimate by calling the companies involved, don't take their word for it, often they have fake ID as well.

If you are suspicious of a caller report it on 101 or web chat, try to write down as much information about the person as you can. 

If a crime is ongoing or someone is in danger call 999.

Further information can be found on the NWP website: Crime prevention advice | North Wales Police

Help us to protect more people in your community by sharing this message and encouraging people to sign up to Home - North Wales Community Alert

Stay safe


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