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Theft of pedal bike in the Shotton area.






North Wales Police have received a report of a bike being stolen from the Shotton Lane area. 

We are recommending locals to consider the following crime prevention advice to reduce the chances of others becoming victim of a similar incident. 


-Store your bike in a secure location! (out of the public eye). 

-Ensure that you use a good quality padlock and chain or “D Lock” to secure your bike when not using it. 

-Ensure that the bike is logged and registered on “Immobilise” - The National Property Register, for Phones, Gadgets, Bicycles & More... (immobilise.com) 

-Consider purchasing CCTV and security lighting for where the bike is kept/stored. 

-Consider purchasing SmartWater to forensically mark your bike and other valuables. 


What is SmartWater?? 

-SmartWater allows lost/stolen property to be traced back to its owner.

-SmartWater is a forensic marking liquid which dries clear however glows bright green under UV light. 

-Each bottle of SmartWater contains a unique chemical code which is then registered to the owner. 

-SmartWater dries and sticks to almost any surface. 

-One bottle of SmartWater can mark up to 80 items. 

-You can use SmartWater to forensically mark items such as, jewellery, phone, tablets, cameras, CCTV cameras, bikes, cars, quads.. Essentially, anything of value!!!

-North Wales Police have a discount code for all North Wales residents which takes the cost from £59.50 down to £25. To get access to the discount code, simply email wedontbuycrime@northwales.police.uk with your name, address and that you are requesting the SmartWater discount code. You will then receive a reply with the discount code as well as other crime prevention advice.






Many thanks, 


Owen - C3987

“We Dont Buy Crime” 

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