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Burglaries/Thefts in Rhos-on-Sea

Please be aware that in the last 4 weeks police have received reports of 3 residential burglaries in your area.

Properties that are either unoccupied or the residents have been away have been targeted.

A garage has also been broken into and tools from within have then be used to force entry into the house.

We have also had a report of a car having been broken into and valuable items stolen from within.

Please be extra vigilant at this time and ensure your homes, outbuildings and vehicles are secured, particularly if you are going to be away from the property on holiday.

Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your home and consider using timer switches to have lights coming on in the evenings if you are away.

Doorbell cameras/CCTV are a good deterrent, please ensure they are fully charged before going away.

Please report any unusual activity to police such as cold callers, or anyone paying particular attention to a property, strange markings outside any house and any suspicious vehicles in the area.



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